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Office of Inspector of Mental Health Services

The Office of the Inspector of Mental Health Services is made up of the Inspector of Mental Health Services and a multi-disciplinary team of Assistant Inspectors. As required by the Mental Health Act, 2001, the Inspector is a Consultant Psychiatrist. The team includes professionals from the following backgrounds:

  • Psychiatry
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Social Work 
  • Nursing
  • Service User Experience

The functions of the Inspector (Section 51 of the 2001 Act) include the following:

- to visit and inspect every approved centre at least once in each year after the year in which the commencement of this section falls and to visit and inspect any other premises where mental health services are being provided as he or she thinks appropriate, and

- in each year, after the year in which the commencement of this section falls, to carry out a review of mental health services in the State and to furnish a report in writing to the Commission on—

(i) the quality of care and treatment given to persons in receipt of mental health services,

(ii) what he or she has ascertained pursuant to any inspections carried out by him or her of approved centres or other premises where mental health services are being provided,

(iii) the degree and extent of compliance by approved centres with any code of practice prepared by the Commission under section 33(3)(e), and

(iv) such other matters as he or she considers appropriate to report on arising from his or her review.

For further information on the Rules, Codes of Practice and Regulations that are inspected on, please visit the Health Professionals section of our website.

For information on Inspections that have taken place this year, visit our pages on Approved Centres Inspection Reports and Other Mental Health Services Inspection Reports or click on the link below.

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