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The Mental Health Commission (MHC) fully respects the privacy of all users of its website. This statement outlines the MHC’s purposes for using cookies on its websites (namely the and domains). This statement may be updated to reflect technological or legislative changes which may affect the use and management of cookies.


Cookies are small pieces of data or small text files stored by a website on your computer. These cookies may be saved by your web browser and may allow a website to ‘remember’ your actions or preferences on your return visit. Other cookies are deleted when you close your browser and only relate to the working of the website. Cookies are not viruses or computer programmes. They are very small and so do not take up much space.

Specific cookies on our websites

When you first visit the website, you will see a message informing you about cookies. If you click the ‘Accept Cookies’ button, a cookie will be set that records your preference.

The table below explains the cookies we use and why.



Managing cookies

Most web browsers allow you to turn off cookies or to customise your settings for cookies. To find out how to do this, see the ‘Help’ menu on your web browser. Please note that if you turn off cookies or change your settings, some features of the website may not work correctly. The domain may collect aggregated data to enable the MHC to improve its online services. Where the MHC records user IP addresses, it does so solely for this purpose. The MHC does not retain IP addresses after it has analysed website traffic.

Glossary of technical terms used

Web browser

The piece of software you use to read web pages. Examples include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

IP address

The identifying details for your computer (or your internet service provider’s computer), expressed in ‘internet protocol’ code (for example, Every computer connected to the internet has a unique IP address, although the address may not be the same every time a connection is made.

Further information or to make a request

This Cookies Statement is kept under regular review and, consequently, is subject to change. If you have any comments and/or queries in relation to this Cookies, please contact the MHC’s Data Protection Officer on

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