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Our Values: Dignity and Respect, Human Rights, Confidentiality, Quality, Accountable and Transparent, Person-Directed

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Decision process for major policy proposals

The Mental Health Commission (MHC) undertakes a number of surveys and publishes data in relation to its own activities and to those areas within its remit. In doing so, it values feedback from its stakeholders and their input into the process.

In the context of its statutory duties and the Mental Health Commission Strategy 2019-2022, the Commission members operate as a collegiate body established to ensure that the MHC is managed as a corporate entity. Reviewing all information available, it makes policy and ensures that decisions taken on such policy, strategic and management issues are taken collectively before submission, as appropriate, for consideration at a political level or otherwise implemented.

Details of functions and services that the organisation provides and the decision process

Reports on the operation of public services by the MHC: Service Users’ Views

Details of major policy proposals, including any public consultation exercises and the results of such consultations and background information relating to major policy proposals: Decision Support Service (DSS)

Expenditure reviews and policy assessments:

The MHC is subject to audit by the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General.

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