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Our Values: Dignity and Respect, Human Rights, Confidentiality, Quality, Accountable and Transparent, Person-Directed

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Information about the Mental Health Commission (MHC)

The Mental Health Commission (MHC) is an independent statutory body. It was established in April 2002 under the provisions of the Mental Health Act 2001. The MHC’s main functions are to promote, encourage and foster the establishment and maintenance of high standards and good practices in the delivery of mental health services and to protect the interests of persons admitted and detained under the Act (as amended).

The MHC’s remit was extended in December 2015. Under the provisions of the Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act 2015, the Decision Support Service (DSS) was established. The DSS will support decision-making by, and for, adults with capacity difficulties.

The MHC’s core functions (including the DSS) are as follows:

  1. Regulatory process

Monitoring mental health services and the registering and inspection of approved centres in line with legal requirements, including enforcement.

  1. Mental Health Tribunals

Protecting the human rights and interests of a person detained for care and treatment, specifically through ensuring the independent review of involuntary admission orders by a Mental Health Tribunal.

  1. Quality improvement

Encouraging continuous quality improvement, fostering high standards and good practices in the delivery of mental health services. Issuing guidance and developing evidence-based standards to improve service delivery and service user experience.

  1. Decision Support Service

Maximising autonomy for all relevant persons requiring support to make decisions about their healthcare, property and finances. Regulating individuals who are providing a range of supports to people with capacity difficulties.

Information on the MHC

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Pay and grading structures are in line with relevant Government Circulars

Circular 01/2020:

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Organisation Chart Feb 2020

Service Level Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding 

Memorandum of Understanding between the MHC and the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) dated 26 August 2013

Memorandum of Understanding between the MHC and the Health Research Board dated 01 January 2016

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