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MHC Covid-19 Risk Assessment Framework

The Mental Health Commission developed a standardised and evidence-based regulatory support framework at the beginning of April 2020 to help protect more than 3,800 residents and patients of 176 mental health facilities across the country during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Department of Health had formally requested that the Commission undertake a risk rating exercise as part of enhanced public health measures for Covid-19 disease management for the purposes of liaising with national and regional governance structures to support services.

The Commission engaged all their resources to promptly develop a risk assessment framework to contact and assess services in terms of their preparedness, environment and disease progression. This is not an inspection, compliance or enforcement process. The Commission is committed to working with and supporting services as part of this risk assessment process.

The Commission’s risk assessment framework, along with the methodology and process behind it, can both be accessed at the links below.

Mental Health Commission’s Covid-19 risk assessment framework

Methodology and process for MHC Covid-19 Risk Framework

Covid-19 Risk Framework



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