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Having a Mental Health Tribunal

Since the 1st November 2006, if you are admitted to hospital against your will (involuntary patient), you are entitled to have a mental health tribunal within 21 days of your admission. The Commission is responsible for establishing these tribunals.

A mental health tribunal consists of three people, as follows:

  • A Legal Member (a Barrister or Solicitor who will act as Chairman)
  • A Lay Person
  • A Consultant Psychiatrist

The tribunal will listen to the facts surrounding your case, and make sure that you are only detained in hospital in keeping with the law. Patients have the right to be represented at the mental health tribunal by a legal representative who is appointed by us. We will also arrange for an independent medical examination to be carried out by a Consultant Psychiatrist. Patients have the right to attend their tribunal if they want to.

The function of the mental health tribunal is to either revoke or affirm an admission or renewal order. Mental health tribunals can also consider proposed transfers to the Central Mental Hospital and proposals related to the use of psycho-surgery.

We published this information leaflet in plain English Information for Involuntary Patients which outlines the things we will do for you when admitted against your will and the role of the tribunal. 

 Information for Involuntary Patients

Image of information for involuntary patients

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